Navision Help Desk

All software systems have issues.  Things happen, sometimes software related, user related, hardware errors and the like.  Sooner or later you may find yourself in an urgent situation requiring help in order to properly move forward with the system.

Any down time you have is money lost.  The more time it takes getting backup and running, the harder it is to catch up.  Frustrations increase as your team feels helpless.   Helpless until you realize you’ve got the Clients First Navision Help Desk.

After contacting us, via phone, web or email, our support experts can easily access your system via the internet and work with you to resolve your problem.  If your problem can’t be resolved remotely, we’ll come to your office and troubleshoot form there.  We are always committed to helping you stay up and running at all times, but on that occasion where something isn’t working right, we strive to limit your downtime to a bare minimum.

We also know, just as important as solving a problem, is having constant communication as to the status.  You won’t call us for support only to be shuttled into a voice mail system.  We maintain a well trained human dispatcher who can listen to your issue and knows the difference between a minor ‘how to’ problem and a real emergency so that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

At Clients First, it’s our dedication to you, our client, that makes us different.